Friday, September 2, 2011

I will buy you a new life. . .

So. . . finally starting to get my feet here at St. John's. The campus is beautiful. The people are fascinating. The food is awesome; less awesome, I think, if you're less vegetarian-leaning or more vegan-leaning than myself, but it works out well for me. Despite all this, integrating the fantasy with the reality seems to be challenging me a little.

Math is my favorite class, which at least so far consists of playing with Euclid. I find myself relieved to be assigned papers (even papers like the one from my Greek tutor, who requires us to pick a piece from the modern art gallery on campus and write about it) because it's nice to have something so familiar as writing to work on. Seminar started out a little terrible but seems to be rapidly improving; last night someone gave an interpretation that made me want to go back and read the entire Iliad a third time.

I think the part I least expected is the 57 hour work week, and figuring out how to deal with that and not go insane has been consuming most of my time and energy. Since that's what I've been thinking about, that's what you get. :)

Strategies :
-Walk more, carry less. This works out to taking my books to my dorm before meals and picking them up after, rather than carrying them around. . . hopefully, it will result in less pain and a little more exercise.
-Drop the homework at bedtime.
-Make sure I sit with talkable people at meals, find study groups, and hang out after seminar (but not too late).
-Do my PT. :/
-Read ahead on the weekends, to not die on Thursdays.

Previously established rules that are turning out to still be really important:
-Write when I need to
-Try to be outside around sunset as often as possible
-Take the time to practice music, even in little five and ten minute chunks, when I get the chance

I need to write more. Also, I'm gonna go write some papers (which shall probably find their way here) and then meet up with my Greek study group.

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  1. YAY! I'd love to read your papers!!

    Also, talky people is fun!