Sunday, July 3, 2011

True Blood Season 1:

It's better in French. I still can't defend this as good storytelling, exactly, but it has charms. Everyone has a gorgeous voice in the dub, and in an L2 you can't tell how terrible the screenwriting was. The part of your brain that was bored/horrified/disappointed when you listened to it in English is now busy trying to decipher. It makes the visuals easier to enjoy, and I get more fluent while I relax.

Of course, one musn't forget the things that made it popular in the first place: awesome characters, sex, violence, a delightfully self-aware sense of humor, and pretty monsters with fangs. The monsters, I think--and the violence--are a thing we do to make real violence less frightening.* Based on the increasing popularity of monster stories since I started reading them, I'm guessing it's a need a lot of us have. If any of y'all know a convenient source of Anita Blake or Hollows equivalents in French, let me know. :)

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