Sunday, January 1, 2012

what I need

I can survive without these things, but if I ever live without them, it is in hope of the time that I have them again. . . or, imaginably, in hopes of enabling other people to have their need-lists fulfilled.

-A good bed


-Food which is healthy, food which is delicious, and at least some overlap

-Writing tools--paper/notebooks, pencils, pen, word processor and computer, working library

-Sunlight and stars and outside

-Enough quiet and enough music

-Beauty, lots and lots of it


-Somewhere to exercise/move

-Somewhere to meditate

-Basic hygiene

-Play, like recreational cooking, roughhousing, stories, and games

-A sense of security and stability

-Work that I love, which is of use to someone--perhaps which is of use to my community?

-Freedom from stagnation

-Healthcare and pain management tools, including the freedom to avoid triggers sometimes

-Emotional release


-Clothes that support my functionality, physically, socially, and emotionally

-A quiet, comfortable place to work

-A healthy community, of which I am part

Happy new year. :)

*edit/addition: Touch.


  1. Meditation? That's hippy stuff. :P Happy new year to you too, Day.

  2. I know, right? I'm all about the new age bullshit. ;)